Having massage with Denise is more than just wellness, it is also a treatment that can help you go further. 
Before I started, I had recurring aches in the shoulder and back but working with Denise helped my shoulder heal and allowed me to start training for swimming again. It helps me so much that it has become part of my weekly schedule

Quentin Bossard

Tower Research Capital London

Denise has been offering chair massage for several years at Tower and it is very popular, you have to be quick to sign up. It’s certainly one my favourite parts of the week as my neck and shoulders muscles always need loosening up and Denise's approach is highly effective

Alexander Kovaleski

Tower Research Capital London

I've been seeing Denise for two years now for weekly Shiatsu chair massages at work. This was my first experience of Shiatsu massage and Denise is great at using manipulation and stretching to release all the tension in the body. She always creates a relaxing atmosphere and in 20 minutes she can totally change my mindset so I feel calm and focused when I go back to my desk. I enjoyed the sessions with Denise so much that I have started booking in to see her for full body Shiatsu treatments, which I would highly recommend

Clare Whitaker

Tower Research Capital London

One of the unexpected benefits of the massage is relaxing time away from your normal work duties.  I had been stuck on a complicated issue for a couple of hours before my massage session.  After a few minutes of massage I was able to switch off from work and suddenly an answer to my problem just popped into my head

Nick King

Tower Research Capital London

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