Can you explain the nature of the emotions?

Our subconscious life 
An opportunity for developing a clearer image of how our organs and breathing drive the deepest expression of the choices we make  
London 22 - 23 September 2018
31 Jewry St. EC3N 2ET

Dr. David Lujan is pleased to announce his first UK visit

To understand where emotions come from, we have to look within. Our organs hold untold stories and unresolved traumas; they influence our lives, sending us messages that become our behaviours, our repetitive patterns, and our health. When we see pain in the body as an end in itself and don’t engage with it more fully, we miss the fruitful opportunity to understand ourselves deeper. This lecture will offer a comprehensive view on the distinctive nature of the organs, the meaning behind the messages the organs communicate, how each organ connects to breathing, and the role of the subconscious in dictating our activity

Organs rule our life

 Liver Yang : Action
Liver Yin : Strategy

Dr. David Lujan is the founder of the Natural Acupuncture Method, the International School of Acupuncture (Ecan), and president of the Association of the International Union for Complementary Medicines

He has been teaching Natural Acupuncture theories and practice since 2008 with courses in Chile, Sri Lanka, Spain, Nepal, India and Colombia. In 2009 he was awarded the Merit of Excellence at the 47th World Congress for Complementary Medicine for his teaching and profound contribution to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Lujan is the author of 6 books published in Spain and all South America:


  • The reflexive Universe: The crazy option rejected by Einstein (published by Almuzara 2006)

  • Foundations for a new order (published by Sepa 2008)

  • 101 Oriental teaching for health and balance (published by CCS Editorial 2009)

  • Manual of Natural Acupuncture (published by Almuzara 2011) (Translated into English)

  • The Group Report: Cancer disease (published by Almuzara 2012) (Translated into English)

  • The Inner Palaces: a story of our subconsciousness (published by Almuraza 2016)

The background

"As a child I was labelled a strange boy. I was rather isolated. I didn’t talk much to others, and was unresponsive to people talking to me. On the other hand, I was proving to be highly sensitive. A big part of my childhood was spent with psychologists and special schools trying to figure me out. Doctors suggested autism; a diagnosis that was never really confirmed. The medical experience gave me a lot of insight into Western practices but not much direct help. I said to myself that I would do things better one day. Many years later I enrolled in Psychology, but couldn't connect with the Western style of using statistics, I wasn't satisfied.

In 1998, while at the university library, I found a book on Chinese Medicine and there it was, the theory of energetic pathways and the tools to help people feel better on an energetic level. My journey started there, and even though I did graduate in Psychology, I gained great knowledge by studying Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in my free time. My path took me to India where I received my first Acupuncture treatment - to me an overwhelming experience. I studied Acupuncture and moved to Sri Lanka where I met Prof. Sri Anton Jayasuriya. For a long time I worked alongside him in his two clinics in Colombo (Sri Lanka) ,providing Acupuncture treatments free of charge to about 150 patients a day"

                                                                                                                                                                            -Dr. David Lujan

 The struggle became power 

What's different about Dr.Lujan's teaching?  

When Dr. Lujan moved back to Europe and started working with Western patients, he discovered that the diseases in the west were far different to the East. He needed to get better and faster results. Through treating thousands of patients since  2001, new theories were shaping. He became very interested in identifying common patterns of imbalance caused by the unconscious expression of trauma and the roles people take to manage life. The role the subconscious plays in perpetuating illness was becoming more evident to him. He was no longer just observing the relationship between organ-emotion that his training in Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) offered; he was now also focusing on the organs subconscious. 







Who is this lecture intended for?

The theories supporting Natural acupuncture are effective in their application, and accessible to any level of understanding. Dr. Lujan teaches many students that don't have previous knowledge of Chinese medicine, or experience of acupuncture. Not only do these students feel confident in treating patients successfully from day one, they also feel competent in applying the theories to themselves and their peers 


"The self-improvement I see in my students is remarkable and blissful

                                                                                                     -Dr. David Lujan


                                                                    Holistic therapists

You may be an acupuncturist, a Shiatsu therapist, or involved in any therapies that support the patients’ Holistic diagnosis. You may also be interested in learning alternative theories that can be integrated in your existing practice.This lecture will offer you information that will widen your perception and intuition in recognising the distinctive nature and behaviour of the internal organs. Through experience, Dr Lujan has developed a unique way of communicating to his patients’ subconscious, and has further managed to give life to each organ by describing the expression of their hidden behaviour. This unfolds part of the patients’ lives that is silently creating the path to illness and pain.

What valuable insights will this lecture offer? 

                                                                    General public

You may not be involved in holistic therapies, but you may simply be looking for information that can help you understand the nature of physical complaints that are affecting your life. You may also want to help the people around you that are denying the reality they have created for themselves, and the illness they are now encountering on their way. This lecture will offer you a way to identify and observe patterns in your behaviour that the organs are in charge of. When these patterns are out of control, anxiety and illness might arise. Knowing the nature of the organs, can give you a clearer picture of the subconscious patterns operating in your life and how to shift them to be well again. Dr Lujan’s teaching is profound yet accessible to anyone keen to learn.

It is a great privilege to welcome Dr.Lujan's lecture for the first time in London

Our subconscious life 
London 22 - 23 September 2018
2 days for a closer look to emotions and breathing

Saturday 22/09/2018 10am - 6pm

"Emotions of the organs"

  • Characteristics of the organs

  • Organs' relationship interactions -How the organs relate/interact

  • Balance in the organs - Bringing balance to the organs

  • Understand how habits and behaviours change

  • Stress and emotions development

  • Awareness towards changing our life destiny

  • Non verbal communication

  • Understand what your patient’s organs communicate

  • Difference in cultural health patterns

Sunday 23/09/2018

10am - 2pm

"Observe and educate the breathing"

How much is the lecture?

2 days lecture + audio recording: £197

See what Dr. Lujan's students and patients are saying 

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