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In 2017 I attended an intensive course in India that allowed me to qualify in Acupuncture successfully. The daily lectures and consistent daily practice on real cases have allowed me to build confidence in applying specific Acupuncture protocols on my patients back in London with great results. 

The treatments protocols follow an initial diagnosis of the patient based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine method combined with investigating the organs' subconscious messages showing up through symptoms. This approach supports the basis for a personable treatment that considers a patient's life path by also paying great attention to eventual emotional traumas as the underlying cause of chronic conditions. The overall diagnosis includes questioning and pulse taking, and it supports the choice on which protocol for physical. physiological and emotional complaints.

To rebalance the flow in the blood, lymph and energy and correct the patient's breathing first, Acupuncture needles will be applied on points located in the body. To enhance the effect of the session, Moxibustion will be applied to the location of the needle.


Symptoms of pain and inflammation of bones, tendons muscles and joints such asfrozen Shoulder, tennis elbowlumbar pain, slipped discsciaticaknee problem, tennis elbow, tendonitis, fibromyalgia


Mind related complaints with imbalanced emotions such as:

Depression, insomnia, anxiety, overthinking, irritability, confusion, fear, over worrying, feeling stuck in life, panic attacks, addiction



Chronic sinusitis, infertility, addiction, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis 

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