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Denise is extraordinary in the way she is able to tune in to what the human being needs at that very moment and applies her skills accordingly. 

In the last year there has not been any visit which has been the same, they are all unique and this resonates with me as we are different and have different needs every moment. It is for me a weekly investment for my health and wellbeing and to miss it is a big disappointment. It is part of my lifestyle for ever"

Kathelyn Vannieuwenborgh


Denise is a highly intuitive and experienced Shiatsu practitioner, who has been working with me for 18 months. I originally sought help with upper shoulder and neck tension, and soon realised that her work was an essential part of the whole body management. Denise has a highly developed understanding of organ, meridian and energy connections, and how they combine to embellish our mind/body well being. She combines this with a highly tuned sensibility to what needs rebalancing at each session

Robin Auld


I have had muscular and nerve problems in my lower back caused by disc injury a year ago. Regular shiatsu treatment with Denise has complemented physiotherapy, made exercise and strength training possible again, and generally enhanced my recovery. By mobilising joints  and applying pressure on specific points while keeping my muscles relaxed, she has been able to achieve deeper stretching and nerve stimulation than traditional massage therapy or yoga

Michael Dalgleish


I did Shiatsu with Denise and she has absolutely got some golden hands. I travel a lot because of my job and sleep little hours. I was exhausted and feeling sick from all the travelling and lack of sleep and Denise managed to reset my whole body with one session. I felt like new, as if I slept 9 hours per night for the last month, all my pain and troubles were suddenly gone.. She also applied some ear acupuncture on an occasion and that was something I had never experienced before. I started to relax a and my organs came back to life. Thank you Denise, I will come back soon!!

Francesca Lombardo


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