Practicing holistic therapies for over 13 years has helped me with developing intuition towards my own wellbeing. As a result, I feel very close to what my patients seem to need from the moment I meet them. I genuinely appreciate being able to connect at a very deep level with the energetic expression of complaints and conditions I am presented with


Through the years, I have treated a high number of patients coming from different backgrounds. The encouraging feedback keeps me dedicated to continually learn new techniques and deepen my responsiveness to the treatments that I offer


Alongside other therapies, my main expertise resides in Zen Shiatsu. In this regard, I was very fortunate to receive regular tuition from Michael Rose, the only UK Zen Shiatsu teacher who learnt from Shizuto Masunaga (Founder of Zen Shiatsu) in the 70s. This contributed greatly to the unfolding of my skills and offered me the chance to be taught by a Zen Shiatsu teacher who inspires me deeply


My approach to treatment is holistic and my training develops around a diagnosis system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine






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