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Chair massage is an alternative to floor-based massage sessions. It is performed on an ergonomic massage chair, and it is designed to specifically treat head, neck, back, shoulders and arms. A typical session adopts Shiatsu techniques to help with balancing deficiency and excess in the body and Tuina to help with restoring movements around stiff joints.

By treating meridians in the body by including pressure points, Shiatsu Chair Massage is extremely effective for complaints of frozen shoulder, limited movement in arms and scapula, and the sensation of trapped nerve around the scapula that extends to neck, arm and hand. However, the sessions are tailored to the patients' need and the practice proves to be also effective for restoring depleted energy, regulating mind and body hyperactivity, reducing general stress and tiredness, improve the quality sleep and balancing mood swings.

Chair massage is the main therapy of my On Site practice, and it allows me to treat hundreds of clients each month at their offices.



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