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When it comes to the therapies I trained in, Zen Shiatsu is definitely the one I feel the closest to. I consider Shiatsu to be a form of healing art, the treatment itself is a subtle energetic interaction between the therapist and the receiver. Shiatsu uses a sensitive type of touch that listens to the deficiency and the excess in the body (Yin and Yang) and it treats the meridian pathways in the body that channel Ki energy and blood 


“Shiatsu balances the energy in the body on all levels providing a profoundly relaxing and clinically therapeutic musculoskeletal treatment. When part of the body is energy-deficient, and not pulling its weight, other areas of the body must overexert to pick up the slack. The treatment goal of Shiatsu is to energise these deficiencies, thus allowing the symptoms of over activity to melt away” (Zen Shiatsu Chicago)


Following the receiver's level of energy and complaints, Shiatsu can be deep or gentle. It implies using techniques of applying pressure, holding, stretching and joint manipulation for chronic stagnation and blockages

Zen Shiatsu is highly beneficial for conditions where emotional disturbance or stress are an underlying factor 


    * Insomnia
    * Anxiety and Depression
    * Muscular Tension
    * Headaches
    * Digestive Disturbances
    * Menstrual Dysfunction
    * Low Resistance to Infection



Photography by:

                                                                        ZEN SHIATSU

                      Shi: Fingers  Atsu: Pressure




    * Backache
    * Synovitis
    * Sprain and strains
    * Neck and Shoulder stiffness   
    * Joint pain
    * Poor circulation