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Auricular Acupuncture is a holographic image of our whole body. When this micro acupuncture system is stimulated, it triggers nervous system messages to the brain and spinal cord activating physiological changes, biochemical releases, and alterations of the electrical firing of neurons that can lead to the relief of pain and corresponding healing organs. There are more than 40 points in the ear that can be organized in protocols for specific complaints.


One of the most practiced protocols would be the NADA protocol (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association). It originally developed for addiction, and it is now widely used as a complementary therapy for both detoxification and relaxation. As it involves the gentle placement of only five small disposable needles in specific points on each ear, NADA treatment is versatile so that groups of people can be treated in one session with the recipients sitting quietly for 20 minutes. NADA is becoming popular in corporate settings where employees report immediate relaxation, a grounding feeling and a renewed sense of energy.



Reducing cravings for alcohol, drugs and nicotine 

Minimizes withdrawal symptoms by increasing calmness

Improving sleep and lessening agitation

Offering relief from stress and emotional trauma

Improving focus and alertness 

Reducing overthinking 

Reducing local pain around the ear, head, neck and shoulders

Reducing tinnitus and other physiological complaints


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