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Cupping therapy has been used in China, along with other cultures since ancient times. It involves creating heat inside a glass or bamboo cups. The result is suction from the cups that can penetrate deep into the tissues causing a release of harmful toxins. This is done by stimulating the lymphatic system, clearing the blood vessels and stretching and activating the skin. By regulating the flow of Qi and Blood, cupping can add an extra level of effectiveness to other therapies.

I use cupping to complement Acupuncture and Shiatsu or as a treatment on its own combined with Moxibustion.


Headaches, common colds and flu, back pain, sciatica, injuries, arthritis, PMS, infertility, chronic fatigue, depression, emotional problems, blood pressure issues, skin problems, always feeling cold, calming anxiety and irritability.


Moxa was originally used in Northern China to help diseases resulting form cold weather and the excessive consumption of dairy products that caused chilling of the internal organs. Moxa is prepared by using leaves of Artemisia (Mugwort), an aromatic plant that is rich in essential oils, fats, enzymes and vitamins.


There are many different ways of using Moxa, but the concept behind all methods is to create heat that penetrates the body. This makes Moxa effective for deficient, cold and stagnant conditions. By warming the Qi (Energetic flow) in the meridians, Moxa helps with building Qi itself, nourishing the blood in the body and improving circulation.

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