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This training is designed for certified massage therapists that are currently looking to add Chair Massage as an extension to their existing practice.


The day will be dedicated to practice  a Shiatsu seated massage routine. Having said that, the attendees will be introduced to and will be practicing the Zen Shiatsu principles of balancing Kyo and Jitsu in the body, Pressure Points to include in the treatment, quality of touch, posture and a very effective practical approach relying on intention and intuition whilst observing and listening to the patient’s diverse needs

The prerequisites for this workshop are:

  • Proof of qualification in any massage therapy that includes A&P 

  • Proof of Insurance in the UK

  • Ongoing massage practice

Full fee : £140 

The fee includes 1 extra hour one-to-one practice and assessment  
Maximum number of participants = 6

  • On passing the final assessment , attendees will be awarded the CTHA (CPD) Certificate

  • The training overview will be sent via email on request​

  • Corporate work opportunities are also an option for the dedicated therapists

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